Full package: 20 colors

Full 30 Package - Shades

WATER SOLUBLE: Electric Lemon, Yellow Lemon, Orange Marmalade, Yellow Mango, Legacy Red, Royal Raspberry, Burgundy Red, Candy Pink, Mulberry Purple, Brilliant Blue, Blueberry Blue, Shadow Blue, Green Apple, Emerald Green, Aqua Teal, Royal Tiffany, Hazelnut Brown and Pitch Black.

OIL SOLUBLE: Pineapple Yellow, Gold Yellow, Orange Tangerine, Strawberry Red, Red Apple, Pink Fuchsia, Caramel Brown, Lime Green, Sky Blue, Purple Plum and Black Shadow.

WATER & OIL SOLUBLE: White Coconut

Certified Professional Powder Food Color
*Highly concentrated


Discover the complete collection of unique food colors where the combinations are endless.

Recommended Dose

0.001% - 0.01%
Due to the high concentration formula, the use of the colorant is very minimal, effective & economical. You can add more colorant if a higher intensity shade is required.

Water & Oil Soluble Color

Water soluble colors dissolve in water-based fluids: water, eggs, dairy, alcohol, etc. They can be applied to various recipes, with water being one of the main elements: glaze, macarons, fondant, caramel, sponges, meringues, sugars, etc.

Oil soluble colors dissolve in fat-based fluids, such as chocolate, cocoa butter, fat-based creams, oils, and other edible preparations. This type of colors can be applied to any substance that doesn’t include water component.