Entry Level Class

This unique opportunity to create mousse cake, mirror glaze and chocolate velvet with no baking experience required. Yet, if you do have certain knowledge, but wish to improve the quality of your work, this video is also for you.

You will learn mousse cake essentials, proper textures, temperatures, products integration, all important knowledge to be implemented in making any mousse cake in the future.

I will advise you on basic ingredients and tools, which are easy accessible in stores or online. I have made this video very much informative, but simple, so anyone are able to create magic in their home kitchen.

You are getting unlimited access to the video.

With this video you are receiving unlimited viewing of detailed techniques, commentary and personal knowledge of my own, that I wish to passionately share with you. Surprise your family and friends, be creative and passionate!

On The Menu:

  1. Mirror Glaze
    • Correct cooking process
    • Stabilization
    • Ingredients and coloring
    • Avoiding bubbles
    • Understanding the right consistency
    • Correct application to the cake
    • Possible issues, solutions & recommendations
  2. Mousse Cake
    • How to achieve soft & light texture and stability at the same time
    • We will make “White Chocolate Mousse”, “Strawberry Confit”, “Coconut Dacquoise”
  3. Chocolate Velvet
    • Discussing the Tool
    • Recipe Proportions
    • Avoiding Velvet Cracking


$147.00 USD

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