FAQ . Master Course

What is included in the Master Course and what will happen after I make the payment?

The process is quite simple and automated. After enrolment you will receive access to 9 videos: Introduction; Fruity Bright Inserts; Sponges; Creamy Inserts; Caramel, Paste, Crunches & Decoration; Glazes; Mousses; Glazing & Effects; Cutting Cakes. You can start watching them right away. Additionally you will receive an access to the PDF file that includes all the recipes from Master Course. You will have an unlimited access to the Master Course for 3 or 4 months depending on the type of your enrolment.


Which enrolment option is right for me and what is the difference?

You will have two options of participation in this Master Course.

Option 1: BASIC Enrolment. With this type of enrolment you will receive access to all course materials for 3 months. Additionally you will download a Recipe Booklet that will stay with you as a reference to the Master Course.

Option 2: EXCLUSIVE enrolment. With this type of enrolment you will have various advantages & privileges.

EXTRA MONTH: You will receive one extra month of the access, meaning you will have total 4 months of access to all the course materials. It gives you enough time to watch and re-watch, take notes & study at your own pace. You will download a Recipe Booklet that will stay with you as a reference to the Master Course.

CONSULT: In case of any questions about this Master Course, you are welcome to email Ksenia Penkina for advise. To clarify some information, share your results & get feedback.

FREE CLASSES: You will receive access to all three of the Online Beginner Master Classes: Entry Level, Advanced 1 & Advanced 2. (the actual cost of all three classes is $441 USD). This way you are receiving more recipes and techniques.

BONUS RECIPES: Additional NEW recipes of glaze and cakes by Ksenia Penkina, find the list of bonus recipes at the end of this page.

CERTIFICATE: You will receive Certificate of Participation in this Master Course, signed by Ksenia Penkina, in digital version by email.


What language is Master Course?

Master Course is taught in English. Ksenia has an easy to understand accent and simple wording. Currently, there are no subtitles, however Master Course includes a lot of written text of the most professional terms & lectures. Also you will be getting PDF file in English language that will include all the recipes with detailed, step by step explanations.


Is this Master Course available in my Country?

Absolutely, if you have access to Internet. We have students from over 190 countries watching Ksenia’s Online Classes, and we look forward to welcoming you to our magical pastry community!


I am not a professional chef, can I still take this Master Course?

Yes, you can. Ksenia is always focused on using simple vocabulary when teaching her classes, also she is being very detailed in her explanations. However, you should be prepared for a quality knowledge and information, for professional level of the dessert making. It may seem overwhelming, but if you are focused, organized, detailed and already have some pastry experience, you could definitely take your knowledge to the next level.


I don’t have any experience in pastry at all, can I still take this Master Course?

If you never made cakes before, we highly recommend to start with Beginner “Entry Level” Online Master Class available at to get an idea of the dessert and important basic knowledge prior to signing up for this Professional Master Course.

Also, you can choose “Exclusive Enrolment” option of this Master Course, which includes FREE all three Online Beginner Master Classes: Entry Level, Advanced 1 & Advanced 2. This way you start with Beginner Classes & continue with Professional Course.


I took one/all of your “Beginners” Online Master Classes, can I take this Master Course?

Absolutely, this Master Course will be exciting and comprehensive development of your skills, it was made for you.


I took one of your Hands On Master Classes, can I take this Master Course?

Yes! Professional Master Course is “More than Hands On. More than Online. Much More than Demo”. Being able to fully focus on the techniques, technology & effects made by Ksenia and explained to you, being able to re-watch it, take notes and not miss any detail - is what it makes this so unique. Some information you could have heard before, but the amount of knowledge provided in this Master Course is greater than ever has been given.


I am vegan/vegetarian, can I participate?

Yes you can. But it is very important to keep in mind, Ksenia’s classes are NOT Vegan - friendly, various animal products are used throughout the class without a chance of having an exact substitutes in vegan world. Gelatin is one of the many examples, its closest analog can not produce the same outcome required for this type of dessert. However, Ksenia had many Vegan students in the past who came for techniques, vision and knowledge, some of them were able to make transformations to the Vegan cuisine. It is fully all up to your responsibility, ability and desire to make this choice.


Do you have Gluten Free recipes?

Yes, this Master Course also includes gluten free recipes.


Can I find inventory and ingredients in my Country?

Nowadays you have a high chances of finding everything you need for this Master Course. 99% of the ingredients and tools are easily accessible Worldwide in pastry shops and online. Rarely, some items you may not be able to locate, but you can definitely find substitutes. You may not require exactly everything that Ksenia is using in this Master Course, but consider some basic tools/equipment: blender, mixer, tray, spatula, cake mould or pastry ring, kitchen thermometer, oven, scale, pot, fridge & freezer. Ingredients: glucose, pectin, gelatin, almond flour, chocolate.

We highly recommend to Watch the Master Course first, and after make your shopping list if required.


What is Bonus Recipes?

Bonus Recipes is a part of an Exclusive Enrolment, they are being added and updated with time, currently includes brand new recipes by Ksenia Penkina: Netting Glaze Recipe, Cherry Matcha, Rum Exotic, Almond Praline, Cheesecake Crumble, Poppy, Cafe Borgia, ANNA Coffee Raspberry, Caramel Macadamia Edition 2, Berry Brownie, Peach Hazelnut, Coffee Peanut.