August 2019 Entremet Master Class


Ksenia Penkina August Master Class Cakes

(You have a good baking experience)

We are excited to present this special Master Class Program taught by Chef Ksenia Penkina. In this 2-Day Hands-on Master Class, you will learn the skills and craft to create visually stunning “Mirror Glazed” mousse cakes. You will not only learn the most desired glaze, its effects and decor, but also the most essential techniques of creating mousse cakes - temperatures, textures, flavour balance, stabilization, product integration - all knowledge to be implemented in making any mousse cake recipe in the future. Students are cooking everything from scratch in this 2-Day special program.

Quote from Ksenia: “People would know me for my glazing style and I am highly attentive to it. I must say, glazing is my favourite part. However, the most important part is the cake itself.” Ksenia is passionate about contributing and sharing her mastery, illustrating her vision in this special two-day master class.

DURATION: 2 days

TYPE: Hands-on

DATE: 5-6 August, 2019

For the full program, all questions and bookings please contact the organizer in Vancouver - Mike at