(You have a good baking experience)


Theory + Practice:

  • Prior to each cooking stage Ksenia is providing a detailed explanation of the process, understanding of chemical reactions, proper techniques, possible mistakes & recommendations.

Mousse Cake & Glaze Advanced Recipes & Techniques:

  • 2 glaze recipes: mirror glaze, neutral glaze. Velvet Spray. 5-6 Complex Entremet & Petit Gateau recipes & cake building designs. Coloring the Glaze, its various effects including Spider Web Effect.


Chocolate & Chocolates:

  • Theory on understanding the professional chocolate, tempering, chocolate decorations.

Signature Approach: Making your Glaze perfect by looking from the inside of your cake:

  • Reactions, emulsions, air volume & foams, freezing, ingredients, proper temperatures & stability of the mousse cake. As a result – perfect shine & appearance of Entremet.

Making any Entremet recipe in the future:

  • Learning to understand the production process and the importance of the theory over recipe. Even having a simple Entremet recipe is not enough to make it. After this class you would be able to correctly cook any mousse cake recipe in the future and always have a spotless and consistent result.

DURATION: 2 days

CLASS TYPE: Hands-on + Theory + Demo

DATES: April 30 – May 1

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